Career Services - Vocational

Southern Tier Industries (STI), the vocational division of The Arc of Chemung, works with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to provide training and develop the necessary skills to find, and maintain, meaningful employment.  


STI is dedicated to developing vocational skills and good work habits in the people we support as a way of increasing independence and assisting individuals to become productive and contributing members of the community. Personal growth and a sense of self-worth are achieved and enhanced. Ultimately, our goal is to have those in our vocational program working for employers in the community, receiving a paycheck from a community employer - being included in the community!


A wide range of services and supports are offered including exploration of career interests, job readiness programs, and in some cases, a more directly supported work environment.  Click to learn more about the following:


Community Pre-Vocational Services

Employment Training Program

Pathway to Employment

Supported Employment

Youth Employment Services

Benefits Advisement 



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