Youth Employment Services

  • Students and young adults, 18-24 years of age

  • 2-6 week program, which takes place in a central location, the Arnot Mall, accessible by  public transportation

  • Classroom is equipped with computers, smartboard, dvd, and more

  • Classes are scheduled mid to late afternoon and can accommodate summer school schedules

  • Emphasis on the following topics:


Work Readiness 

  • Two sessions (morning/afternoon)

  • Classroom setting

  • Curriculum will address/include:

    • Interest inventory

    • Appropriate work behaviors

    • Exploring motivation for work

    • Stress management and coping skills for the workplace

    • Resume development and job applications

    • Portfolio development

    • Exposure to travel training

    • Orientation to Workforce New York

    • Interviewing skills, including mock interviews


Work Experience and Development

  • Vocational staff will utilize relationships with community businesses in order to provide a variety of employment experience options

  • Written and verbal feedback will be provided to the student on a periodic basis

  • Student will be provided with a documented plan for employment including strengths and opportunities for growth


Coaching Supports for Employment

  • Support for on-the-job or off-the-job activities

  • Coaching support is offered on a short-term basis

  • Services may include:

    • Job orientation

    • Job destination travel training

    • Teaching basic job tasks

    • Supervision at the worksite

    • Consultation with worksite supervisor

    • Assistance with integrating into the work environment or adjusting to changes in the work place



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