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Community Habilitation 

The Arc of Chemung's Community Habilitation is a skill-building support, designed to focus on areas of skill that can help people reside more independently in their community. Utilizing a person-centered approach, Community Habilitation staff work with the person and their Circle of Support to determine the areas in which skills need, or want, to be learned. Some common areas are budgeting, housekeeping, grocery shopping, cooking, health/wellness, socialization and community inclusion. Once a person’s Community Habilitation plan has been developed, staff provide one-on-one assistance to help the person acquire and keep each skill. The ultimate goal of the program is to assist people in being independent, contributing and valued members of their communities. Through self-direction, a person and their family can be as involved as they desire in the hiring/scheduling of staff and planning of supports.  


Day Habilitation

The Arc of Chemung's Day Habilitation is a community-based program offering daytime activities for adults. Through this program, people are provided with opportunities to participate in volunteer activities, social/recreational events, crafts and other community activities that provide people with valuable social experiences. Using a person-centered approach, this program also assists people in gaining skills in various areas in order to be more independent. Some people may attend this program as a stepping stone to gaining valuable experiences that they may later use in a work setting. This program operates on weekdays from 8:30am-2:30pm.



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