Self-Directed Supports

Self-Directed Supports are an OPWDD Home and Community Based Services waiver that empowers people with disabilities and their families to design and manage services based on their individual needs and goals. Self-Directed Supports are the essence of community inclusion, and because self-directed supports are created by the participant and those the participant chooses to help, each plan is as unique as the participant who designed it. With assistance from a financial management services agency (FMS), self-directed supports participants control their own individualized, portable budgets, and may choose to hire and manage their own staff supports. Self-directed plans and budgets allow participants to access the supports needed to:

  • live at home or in a home of their own

  • pursue interesting and meaningful employment, volunteer, or other community activities

  • engage in satisfying, productive relationships with family, friends, and community members, and maintain a healthy lifestyle



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